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Certified ScrumMaster ® (CSM)

CSM + Agile Culture + Facilitation Techniques + Team Building

Learn from a trainer with global experience and get your CSM in a dynamic and engaging class based on real scenarios.

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The two days (16 hours) CSM course is focused on consolidating Scrum values and practices. Immersed in group discussions, group assignments, real life cases and group dynamics, you will learn:

  • Building successful and productive teams

  • Agile Culture values and principles

  • The Agile Manifesto

  • Scrum roles and responsibilities

  • Sprint planning, execution, review and retrospectives

  • Agile requirements analysis

  • Facilitation Techniques to use on a daily basis

  • Estimating and prioritizing product backlogs

  • Definition of Ready / Done

  • Acceptance Criteria

  • User Stories

  • Scrum in large organizations

  • Dealing with organizational impediments

  • Myths and Facts of Agile / Scrum

  • Team Building techniques


Knowledge21’s classes are dynamic, engaging and based on real examples. We do prefer group discussions and a lot of interactions over a slide-based lecture. We provide an environment for the exchange of experiences between the students and the trainer.

A Certified ScrumMaster ® helps project teams properly use Scrum, increasing the likelihood of the project’s overall success. CSMs understand Scrum values, practices, and applications and provide a level of knowledge and expertise above and beyond that of typical project managers.

CSMs act as “servant leaders”, helping the rest of the Scrum team work together and learn the Scrum framework. CSMs also protect the team from both internal and external distractions.