Agile Transformation: 5 practices for promoting change

In recent days I’ve been reflecting on how certain behavior influences the results of the work of an Agile Coach or agent for change.

I’m very lucky to work with amazing people and in completely different contexts all the time. By means of these two factors and by observing our successes and failures, I’ve created a list of five items which can guide the Agile transformation work within an organization.   

Problems are systemic
Avoid making one person responsible for the problems encountered.
Deming says that 94% of problems and improvement opportunities belong to the system.

View the WHOLE
Don’t get hooked on the pain and sentiments of separate individuals.

“Truth lies in the observation of the various prisms”, CFC.

Work with people
Do something practical with people. This will help form more solid arguments and open up the possibility of talking clearly with people about the points for improvement of an individual or group.

Understand beliefs
Understand the company’s and individuals’ beliefs which limit them, in order to adjust your discourse.
Not all organizations or people are at a level which we believed or expected.

Speak less, listen more

“When people realize they’re being listened to, they tell you things.” Richard Ford.

Avoid the anxious spewing out of content at all costs. Your job isn’t displaying your entire knowledge but rather to help people improve, whether as individuals, teams or an organization.

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Did you enjoy this article? What practices do you adopt in your daily life? Are there practices or behavior you adopt which you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.



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Magno de Santana

Agile Expert and Trainer at Knowledge21, Magno is passionate about innovation, with experience in developing digital products using Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile Development practices.


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