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Agile Retrospectives

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Learn how to Optimize Your Team’s Performance. “At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly.” (Agile Manifesto, 2001) In this ebook, you’ll find some of the most important techniques that we’ve developed in order to help teams overcome day-to-day struggles. Enjoy! Sign Up To… Read more »

Coaching the Agile Coach

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At K21 I learned that, in order to achieve agile transformation results, you need to pay attention to the four domains of agility: Business, Cultural, Organizational and Technical. To be a good agile coach, I must know my competence in each of these domains. But how do I find out? Rodrigo de Toledo answered this question through… Read more »

NPS – Measuring Customer Satisfaction

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NPS – Measuring Customer Satisfaction The Net Promoter Score is a technique that is widely used to measure your customers’ satisfaction with a product offered by you or your company. It’s also a practical and straightforward calculation. As the name implies, the result is the percentage of people who promote your brand/product or, in other… Read more »