Ever Heard of Michael Jordan Syndrome?

Have you ever heard of Michael Jordan Syndrome? Probably not. Not least because it was “invented” just before the publication of this post. Because something took place today which can happen to anyone and, the person who just went through this situation decided to give it a nickname.

Check this out:

When coach Phil Jackson joined the Chicago Bulls in 1989, his first impression was that the team had an enormous dependency on Michael Jordan, going so far as to just pass him the ball and watch in complete awe of his personality and technical skill. As a consequence, they suffered from a certain paralysis of fearing mistakes and/or of messing things up and disappointing him whenever he brought them into play.

If you admire someone very much and one fine day you’re working alongside him or her, and as you work together you’re brought into play and you simply freeze, congratulations! You’ve got Michael Jordan Syndrome.

The idea of this post is to show you’re not alone. There’s a lot of Michael Jordan Syndrome about. Relax, it’ll pass! Use the collaboration to work in your favor and do like Scott Pippen, who won 6 NBAs playing with Jordan for the Chicago Bulls.



Foto de Luiz Rodrigues
Luiz Rodrigues


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