Suddenly home office! What now?

We are facing rough times, full of doubts and worries. People are under pressure of time to adapt and work from home. We have prepared some tips to help you overcome this moment the best way ever.

  1. Find a dedicated spot in your house to boost productivity, separated from your private life.
  2. Use video. Your team members want to see and hear you well. Make sure you have sufficient light and make use of headphones.
  3. Make deals with your team and align expectations on how to work together remotely.
  4. Choose and become acquainted with the tools. Explore a little more than the basic features.
  5. Don’t push yourself too hard in the beginning. Try out and boost your skills. Include feedback loops to assess progress. Regular hindsight will help towards continued improvement and performance gain.
  6. Set the time to stop. Unlike many believe, you can find more workflow while working remotely as opposed to your office and resist quitting work. Stop for breaks, feed well, drink water, and get rests.
  7. Find a balance in your routine. During videocalls, your team can cut the chase – which is positive. But try and balance by chitchatting a little. That will help keep and create friendship bonds.
  8. Make your day lighter. If something comes up, like kids walking in the room wanting attention, don’t worry. Just relax, ask for permission, give your kids the attention they deserve, and resume focus on work. Take good care of your team.
  9. Keep your team focused on results. For remote work to be successful, management should trust people are working on what is more important, instead of coming up with controls that arouse increased anxiety in people. Focus on streamlining communication and removing team impediments.
  10. Try out new stuff. There are these places where you can sip a cup of Joe together in the real world. How about doing that online? At K21, we created a virtual room where people log in as they please for a coffee or just to chat.
  11. Organize and prioritize your ideas. Create a prioritized backlog to be shared with your team. Some tools that might help in this mission:
    1. Trello
    2. Evernote
    3. Dontpad
    4. Miro
    5. Runrunit

These tips are just an initial boost. Count on us to help with the next steps.


Foto de Magno de Santana
Magno de Santana

Agile Expert and Trainer at Knowledge21, Magno is passionate about innovation, with experience in developing digital products using Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile Development practices.


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