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Scrum Masters: Who They Are and What They Do

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A lot of people come to me with the question: How do I become a Scrum Master? Or when they become one, they go: “YAY! I’m a Scrum Master, now what?” There are still many doubts about who Scrum Masters are and what they do. Since it’s a profession with a growing demand in the… Read more »

Product Owner: Discovering the Role of the PO

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When we are looking at the market, it’s in the role of a Product Owner that it is by far the hardest to come across robust, qualified professionals. When I took the Scrum Product Owner course at Knowledge21 in 2014, Marcos Garrido, one of the founders, said something I’ve never forgotten: “if you find a… Read more »

New Aspects of a Perfect Workplace

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In this article I’ll touch on three fundamental aspects of a good working environment: Wholeness, Self-organization, and Multidisciplinarity. As you may know, Knowledge21 is a company which offers Agile training and consultations to organizations and knowledge workers who want to be more efficient and grow sustainably. Over the past fortnight, a few unusual and unexpected… Read more »

More Efficient Meetings with Scrum

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Knowledge21 More Efficient Meetings with Scrum (2)

Have you ever been in meetings in which: a lot was discussed but nothing decided; someone said: “Let’s deal with the little 5-minute matters first and then the more important ones.” topics ranged from company aims for the next quarter, to the final score of Sunday’s match; you thought to yourself: “What am I doing… Read more »

Product Backlog, Continuous Planning and the Horizon Analogy

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Imagine this scenario: you’re out in the street watching the city in front of you. Buildings, cars, people and other things are distributed from where you are standing to the distant horizon. To describe what you see, what level of detail can you use in your description? Now imagine your next software development project. When you… Read more »