Tips for a sustainable pace in your Home Office

At this moment, many people need to adapt to work from home. When I started doing this often, I imagined that my routine would be lighter, given the flexibility that this format allows, but I soon realized that I was in a much more frantic pace of activities.

In time, I started looking for practices that would help me have a healthier routine. The following are some of the challenges I faced and tips for dealing with them.

The frantic pace of meetings

Usually, in the home office, it is common to start having many meetings because that quick chat that people have with you in the hallway, for example, needs to be a call or a video conference. So, it is easy to find yourself in a busy schedule and to splice one meeting after another.

Tip 1: Avoid scheduling meetings close together. Schedule at least 10 minutes between each meeting, so on it gives you time to stretch your legs, grab a coffee, or go to the bathroom.

Lack of routine

Sometimes we are so immersed and focused on a subject that we forget basic needs like eating or going to the bathroom. When you realize it is already 3 pm and you still haven’t had lunch.

Tip 2: Always have water close to you and drink a lot. It helps your voice. We use it a lot and will force you to take breaks to go to the bathroom.

Tip 3: Set aside times to eat as if you were away from home. If necessary, schedule your meal times on the calendar and keep them without paralleling work.

Staying healthy

Even if you take the time to eat, food availability may be a problem. It is common for us to think that if we are going to be at home, we will cook our own food. But we can easily end up forgetting about that, or not having time to prepare a healthy meal, and fall in the trap of having improvised snacks.

Tip 4: Consider (within the limits of the security measures of the current situation in the world we are living in) buying the right food or ordering food. Another option is to prepare your meals the night before. Think calmly about your menu helps you to eat better.

The notion of time and space

Another usual mistake is to forget about the time during the workday. It happens because there are no triggers that clearly show us whether we are working or not. For example, the home environment mixes with the work environment, and it becomes more difficult to understand when we need a break.

Tip 5: Define the places in your home where you work, and more importantly, those where you don’t work and don’t take work material there.


I hope these tips help you to have a healthier and more productive home office, if you have more suggestions or face other challenges in your daily life that are not here, share with us in the comments!

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