EVDnC: Extreme Value-driven Coaching for Agile teams

EVDnC (Extreme Value-driven Coaching) is a process designed by Marcos Garrido, Rafael Sabbagh and Rodrigo de Toledo. The goal is to promote efficiency and Agility leap in product development, from the analysis of client’s business, needs to the techniques used for software development.

For an intensive week, we run full-time coaching sessions with development teams and business people. It can be done with one or more teams at the same time.

Here’s all the documentation you’ll need to learn about the EVDnC.

EVDnC helps teams in the following scenarios:

  • Newly formed Agile teams or teams who want to adopt Agile: they usually have drawbacks since Agile values and principles are not entirely understood nor internalized. EVDnC help these teams to shorten the time necessary to the achieve the first results, helping the process to flow naturally.;
  • Teams running Scrum / Kanban for a while: even teams running Agile for quite some time may have problems to deliver working software. It’s a perfect fit for an EVDnC session to help these teams to internalize Agile values and learn new concepts such as eXtreme Programming, facilitation techniques, product techniques etc. EVDnC helps to achieve the optimal pace.
  • Experienced Agile teams: the evolution of experienced teams sometimes runs flat for a while. When this happens, it’s necessary to review and renew concepts and learn new techniques. In this particular case, EVDnC helps by allowing teams to find the motivation and energy necessaries for the team to get back on track again, shortening the path to the highest maturity level.

EVDnC is divided in 4 steps:

1 – Pre-Game: before the EVDnC week, we work with business people to identify and select a very high-valued product idea to transform into a working product in one week. The output of this session is a Product Vision;

2- Preparation: in the first day of EVDnC we gather everyone in a room (business people + team members) to explain the whole idea (what EVDnC is, how it works, what is expected by the end of the week). Business people shares and discusses the Product Vision with the team to make sure everyone is on the same page. When everything is understood, the team receives a go. The outputs of the preparation are the Release Plan and the development environment up and running;

3 – Development: from the second day on, we run what we call “one-day sprints”. Starting with a quick planning session, followed by a full day of development, ending with a review and retrospective. The team aims to deliver working software by the end of each day, so they receive useful feedback for the next “sprint”. That is the main part of EVDnC: we coach business people on how to select, split and discard user stories in an effective way. The development team learns how to be effective by learning/improving software development techniques. Team members also learn facilitation techniques to help the team improve its effectiveness. Most important of all, business people and team work side by side during the whole process. The very intensive process helps everyone to focus on what really matters, as it imposes strict time constraints.

4 – Closure: by the end of the week we have a working, high-value MVP (minimum viable product) of the software running live. To close the week, we run a Big Review with all teams and business people involved. After that, we run a retrospective where they discuss what was learned, how they felt during the process, and what they will keep doing from that moment on.

EVDnC Objectives:

  • Promote integration between team members;

  • Promote integration between business people and developers;

  • Help teams to internalize and practice Agile values and principles;

  • Learn how to adopt Scrum;

  • Focus on business value;

  • Learn how to select, split and discard backlog items;

  • Learn facilitation techniques to improve team’s effectiveness;

  • Deliver high-valued, working software after a working week.


Understand how Knowledge21 can assist your company. Our broad experience shows that occasional training and coaching sessions are not sufficient to consolidate an Agile culture. With the Knowledge21 Digital Transformation, we guarantee effective continuity in the change process and its adoption at all levels, from the individual to the whole organization.

We can help your company:

  • Innovate to fully leverage the power of digital technologies;
  • Manage the portfolio of digital products;
  • Expand the adoption of Agile and its practices;
  • Overcome resistance, from bottom to top;
  • Measure the progress of the transformation.

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