Andressa Chiara


Agile Expert at Knowledge21, has been working with digital products for 10 years, leading IT products for web and mobile. She is the author of the book series The Product Agile, and of OKR and Business Strategy for Transformation. Certified as CSP, PMP, CSM, PSMI, CSPO, Lean-Kanban, she contributes to inclusion initiatives such as Code Like A Girl. Graduated in cinema, sings and draws in her spare time, and tells stories as a way to contribute to a better world.

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Latest Posts

OKRs dysfunctions

OKRs and their 10 main dysfunctions

At Knowledge21, we’ve recently noticed a growing demand for information about OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). There are many questions about this technique created by


Agile Transformation with OKRs

When we talk about Agile Transformation in an organization, it’s always difficult identifying where to start. There are multiple solutions in the market promising to

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