Rafaela Fonseca


Agile Expert and Trainer at Knowledge21. More than five years of experience in Agile, having worked as Business Analyst, Product Owner, and Agile Coach in Product and IT teams. Certified in CSM, CSPO, Lean-Kanban, and Management 3.0. She holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Unirio and has worked with companies such as Furnas, Ministry of Planning, Ipiranga, Carrefour, and Natura.

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Latest Posts

“Match-it” Retrospective

Some time ago, I was with a team in which people kept their distance from one another. They spoke little, complained of similar problems, but


Are we actually a team?

When we talk about agile transformation and digital transformation, companies often form new teams or redefine existing ones. Not long after this change, questions such

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