Product Discovery Workshop

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Products Discovery Workshop

Product Discovery is about being able to empower your team to innovate by using their collective intelligence to solve a real, painful problem for your customer. We will apply consensus and problem-solving techniques to understand and validate the consumer’s pains and gains, establish goals and metrics to verify success and prototype solutions to validate the team’s work against the metrics we set. In a very tight loop of build-measure-learn, this experience will enable you to apply this knowledge in any problem-solving scenario, while maintaining an agile mindset to a business-oriented approach.

Classes will be taught in English.

North America


South America

Why do products fail?

You have a great idea! Something that’s sure to help a lot of people. You spend months – maybe years – building that thing, and when you launch the results are below expectations. Sometimes the problem is not in your idea per se. Your product could be great for a different market segment, or it needs a little adjustment to fit the right cluster.

We’ve created the Product Discovery Workshop with a set of tools to develop successful products and avoid the trap of launching solutions customers don´t really need.

By attending the Product Discovery Workshop class, you will learn how to create fantastic products using:
– Innovation techniques
– Design thinking
– Backlog management
– Prioritization
– Prototyping
– Rapid hypothesis validation


– Product Roles: PO, PM and other acronyms

– Common Product Challenges in culture and organizations

– Case study: starting with a real life product challenge

– Creating consensus among stakeholders and team

– Know the Customer: Protopersonas

– Product Strategy: Objectives and Key Results

– SMART Metrics

– Minimal Viable Product

– Product Vision

– User Story Creation

– Backlog Prioritization

– Rapid Prototyping

– Hypothesis validation


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