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Fixed Scope: The Illusion

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Fixed Scope: The Illussion

When was the last time your project finished within the timeline and cost? Did the Team do much overtime? Did it meet the entire scope of the project? In this article we’re going to look at the illusion of security we have on projects with a fixed scope and how to get out of this… Read more »

Root Cause – retrospective solving problems of the team

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Root Cause Retrospective

Observe the problem One day you wake up feeling unwell, your body feels hot. The thermometer shows 102F. In other words: you have a high fever. Without a second thought, you take an aspirin, the temperature goes down and you feel able to go to work. But when you get there, your body still aches… Read more »

Electrical Circuit Retrospective

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eletrical circuit retrospective by knowledge21

Let’s improve our work! How can we do that? Do an Electrical Circuit retrospective helps to brainstorm improvements. Preparation To begin with, draw an electrical circuit. It consists of: Light bulb: our ideas on how to improve our work (process, product, environment, etc.) Resistor: resistance (challenges, problems) to the ideas working Battery: actions that energize… Read more »

Metrics – learn how to measure Agility of organizations and teams

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metrics in domains of knowledge in agility

A team that seeks constant improvement needs to rely on concrete data, and not only on the results. While using metrics for their benefits, without intention to shape behaviors, the team may evolve. When it comes to using metrics, the right mindset is: if we don’t measure – we don’t know where we are. If… Read more »