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More Efficient Meetings with Scrum

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Knowledge21 More Efficient Meetings with Scrum (2)

Have you ever been in meetings in which: a lot was discussed but nothing decided; someone said: “Let’s deal with the little 5-minute matters first and then the more important ones.” topics ranged from company aims for the next quarter, to the final score of Sunday’s match; you thought to yourself: “What am I doing… Read more »

Don’t move my Avatar!

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Why use an Avatar on the task board? Avatar means a representation in another world. But on the task board we denominate our representation in the world of work as an Avatar. Generally, using an avatar on the task board means there’s an image associated with each team member, indicating the task they’re working on…. Read more »

BDUF: The art of doing things which shouldn’t be done

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Knowledge21-BDUF: The art of doing things which shouldn't be done

BDUF stands for Big Design Up Front and is used to indicate that the whole design solution is done before execution. This is typical of traditional models of software development, where there is an explicit phase of Analysis prior to the implementation phase. So in short, BDUF is the art of doing things which shouldn’t… Read more »

Humans, not Resources

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Knowledge21-humans yes, resources no

There are three reasons we don’t call Humans Resources: 1. Creative work isn’t linear (a resource refers to the idea of linearity); 2. It ignores the main variable in the result of a team: collaboration; 3. It labels people as if they weren’t capable of learning new things. Here in Part 1 of ‘Humans yes,… Read more »

How far does Agility go?

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It is usually difficult to map the border between what is agile and what isn’t. Making this border clear is important to answer various questions: How much progress is an organization making regarding Agility? What are the points that team needs to improve? What is the next knowledge an individual should acquire on Agile methods?… Read more »

How to Balance Short-, Medium- and Long-term Horizons

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My friend Paulo Caroli wrote in his blog about a project that K21 carried out for a large client. The service provided was inspired by McKinsey’s horizons nomenclature. McKinsey’s planning horizons: H1: Short-term horizon. This is the dedication to the business that currently pays your bills. H2: Medium-term horizon. Companies have to allocate part of… Read more »

“New System Version!”

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Almost everyone who works with computing, or at least works closely with an IT team, has heard this sentence: “We have to rebuild the system!” The result is a new system version released frequently. There can be many reasons: Replacing outdated technology A new platform Or the most genuine reason: providing maintenance to the code… Read more »