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Agile Transformation: 5 practices for promoting change

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In recent days I’ve been reflecting on how certain behavior influences the results of the work of an Agile Coach or agent for change. I’m very lucky to work with amazing people and in completely different contexts all the time. By means of these two factors and by observing our successes and failures, I’ve created… Read more »

A step by step guide to horizontal feedbacks with Speedwraps

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Horizontal Feedbacks with Speedwraps

Although the fact that good feedbacks may lead to high-speed human development was already proven many times, companies still neglect this practice, making it extremely formal, bureaucratic and expensive. A process that should be simple and continuous often happens to be annual or semiannual, conducted by people not knowing the nature of the work performed… Read more »

“Feelings and Paths” Retrospective

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Many people complain about lack of team engagement in retrospectives. Because of that, the facilitator’s role is to guide the participants to reach the desired results. That means helping the team to create; understanding and accepting them. Therefore, the facilitator also has to be creative. The basic technique “what went well, what didn’t” fails to… Read more »

Five Fingers: A Facilitation Technique

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Five Fingers Have you ever been in a never-ending meeting, discussing things for hours or trying to reach a consensus? It’s stressful, isn’t it? I would like to show you a facilitation technique developed specifically for reaching consensus. But what does consensus mean? Contrary to what many people think, reaching a consensus doesn’t mean achieving… Read more »