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Product Owner: 9 Must-Read Books for your development

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9 must read books for Product Owner

Every day a lot of doubts arise about how to deepen our understanding of the challenges a Product Owner faces.  Speaking about this, we’ve selected a list of 9 books which every Product Owner should read. In fact, they help to better understand the role and responsibilities of a Product Owner. Lean Startup: the Lean Startup methodology… Read more »

Metrics – learn how to measure Agility of organizations and teams

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metrics in domains of knowledge in agility

A team that seeks constant improvement needs to rely on concrete data, and not only on the results. While using metrics for their benefits, without intention to shape behaviors, the team may evolve. When it comes to using metrics, the right mindset is: if we don’t measure – we don’t know where we are. If… Read more »

Approval or feedback in the Sprint Review?

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The Sprint Review meeting begins. The Development Team and the Product Owner show the client what they did during that Sprint. The client observes, but doesn’t say much, except for a few fundamental questions. At the end, the client approves (and even applauds) the work, says ‘good-bye’ and leaves. Everyone thinks, “Wow! The meeting was… Read more »

Product Backlog, Continuous Planning and the Horizon Analogy

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Product Backlog

Imagine this scenario: you’re out in the street watching the city in front of you. Buildings, cars, people and other things are distributed from where you are standing to the distant horizon. To describe what you see, what level of detail can you use in your description? Now imagine your next software development project. When you… Read more »