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More Efficient Meetings with Scrum

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Knowledge21 More Efficient Meetings with Scrum (2)

Have you ever been in meetings in which: a lot was discussed but nothing decided; someone said: “Let’s deal with the little 5-minute matters first and then the more important ones.” topics ranged from company aims for the next quarter, to the final score of Sunday’s match; you thought to yourself: “What am I doing… Read more »

Don’t move my Avatar!

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  Why use an Avatar on the task board? Avatar means a representation in another world. But on the task board we denominate our representation in the world of work as an Avatar. Generally, using an avatar on the task board means there’s an image associated with each team member, indicating the task they’re working… Read more »

Planning with a premature backlog? How about grooming?

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Knowledge21-Planning with a premature backlog? How about grooming?

In some teams starting to use Scrum, you often see the backlog grooming taking place during the planning, in other words, all the stories in the sprint are explained, understood, iterated, estimated and sliced during the ceremony. This can cause some problems. Long or shallow planning: Leaving the understanding of new stories to one single… Read more »

Tips for a more productive Daily Scrum

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Knowledge21-Tips for a more productive Daily Scrum

We often see some dysfunctions which cause Scrum teams to have overly long, dense Daily meetings which a lack of focus. In 2017, Marcos Garrido wrote a post about the Myths and Facts of Daily Scrum, and that inspired me to write down a few tips about how to make the daily meetings more productive…. Read more »

Are we actually a team?

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When we talk about agile transformation and digital transformation, companies often form new teams or redefine existing ones. Not long after this change, questions such as “Are we actually a team?” often arise among one or more of the teams. In this article, we take a look at some of the reasons a group of… Read more »

Transforming task team into product team

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Knowledge21-Transforming task team into product team

The PO starts the Planning and shows the team a list of stories he has prioritized in the product’s backlog. The first item is to create a screen where the user can enter his or her personal information.  The team asks about the mask and format for each field, whether the information needs to be… Read more »

Dysfunctional Daily Scrum: how to identify them?

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The Scrum Master looks at his or her watch. It’s time for the Daily Scrum. The team doesn’t move. The Scrum Master thinks: “Gosh, here I go, babysitting them again!” He or she pulls a team member by the arm, finding resistance. “Come on, guys, it’s time for the Daily Scrum. Let’s go!” The Development… Read more »