CSM – Mock Exam

How about putting your Scrum knowledge to the test?
Knowledge21 has created an exam of 20 questions to help you prepare for Scrum Alliance’s official ScrumMaster (CSM) certification exam.

Let’s start!

Question 1 - What is the ScrumMaster responsible for?

Question 2 - What is the purpose of the Daily Scrum (daily meeting)?

Question 3 - A new developer has joined an already formed Development Team. He is constantly in conflict with other team members and the environment is becoming hostile. If necessary, who must identify the problem and begin the resolution process?

Question 4 - The Agile Principle “Simplicity – the art of maximizing the amount of work not done – is essential” is best summed up by which phrase?

Question 5 - Ideally, what is the role of the quality team in an Agile project?

Question 6 - How often should retrospective meetings be held, and why?

Question 7 - What best describes the Sprint Review?

Question 8 - How is Agile planning different from traditional methods?

Question 9 - Which phrase best describes the responsibilities of the Product Owner?

Question 10 - The Development Team has chosen, together with the Product Owner, items in the Product Backlog to develop in the Sprint, and has agreed to achieve a goal negotiated with the Product Owner. Who must determine how the Development Team should go about its work?

Question 11 - In an Agile project, who should estimate the work to be done?

Question 12 - When should a Sprint be interrupted?

Question 13 - What is the primary means by which the ScrumMaster contributes to the Development Team's effectiveness?

Question 14 - Who has the last word on the priority of items in the Product Backlog?

Question 15 - During the Sprint Planning meeting, the amount of work necessary for fulfilling the items requested by the Product Owner seems greater than the Development Team's capacity. Which action makes more sense?

Question 16 - One of the reasons the speed of the Development Team is measured during Sprints is...

Question 17 - When is a Sprint finished?

Question 18 - In which activities does the Product Owner commonly become involved during a Sprint development period?

Question 19 - Each increment produced in the Sprint must be put into production...

Question 20 - What best reflects what is expected of a Development Team in an Agile project?