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Avelino Ferreira

Avelino Ferreira

Avelino F. Gomes Filho is a software developer that went through all IT steps. He started in 1998 with microcomputers maintenance. In 2000 he became a programmer, and since then, he played the role of developer, system analyst, project manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, functional manager and Agile Coach. He has been instructor of several trainings about Agile. For three years, he was the assistant professor for Agile Software Development in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. In 2015, he became Software Development Manager in the Regional Electoral Court of Rio de Janeiro. After several years of experience in adopting Agile, he was invited to be a Agile Coach and Partner in Knowledge21. Since then, he has dedicated himself to this career.

We deliver the true Agile experience


The most innovative companies in the world already learned that True Agile practices are a game changer in a competitive business landscape. More and more companies are sunsetting project management practices and embracing the Agile mindset in a way to stay competitive and relevant. Never in history, the pace of change was so fast.

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  • Efficacy Metrics:

    • Customer Happiness
    • NPS
    • Pirate Metrics: AARRR
    • Data funnel
  • Tools:

    • Analytics
    • CrazyEgg
    • HotJar(Heatmap)
    • Optmizely
    • KISSmetrics


  • Internal satisfaction or climate or happiness metrics:

    • Happiness index
    • Employee Engagement Survey
    • Level of autonomy
    • Merit money


  • Efficacy Metrics:

    • Lead time
    • Frequency of delivery
    • Efficiency rate
    • WIP
  • Graphics:

    • CFD
    • Burn-up x Burn-Down


  • Quality metrics or technical quality metrics:

    • % of test coverage
    • Standardization
  • Tools:

    • Jenkins
    • Sonar


Knowledge21 is a global organization, present in the United States, Europe and Latin America,
focused on Digital Transformation of companies willing to embrace True Agile practices.

Our classes are dynamic, engaging and based on real scenarios. We do prefer group
discussions and creative thinking over the traditional slide-based lecture. We provide an
environment that facilitates the exchange of experiences between students and with the