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Andressa Chiara

Andressa Chiara

Andressa Chiara is certified as CSP, CSM, CSPO, KMPI, Mgmt3.0 and is an innovation enthusiast of an unusual background. Being a Film bachelor, she has learned the hard lessons of delivering results with tight budgets and having to adapt in harsh unforeseen circumstances. Creating digital products in the technology market since 2008, Andressa specialized in business value maximization, design thinking techniques, lean startup, goal-oriented team building and building bridges between businesses and customers through top-level delivery.

We deliver the true Agile experience


The most innovative companies in the world already learned that True Agile practices are a game changer in a competitive business landscape. More and more companies are sunsetting project management practices and embracing the Agile mindset in a way to stay competitive and relevant. Never in history, the pace of change was so fast.

Product Discovery is about being able to empower your team to innovate by using their collective intelligence to solve a real, painful problem for your customer. We will apply consensus and problem-solving techniques to understand and validate the consumer’s pains and gains, establish goals and metrics to verify success and prototype solutions to validate the team’s work against the metrics we set. In a very tight loop of build-measure-learn, this experience will enable you to apply this knowledge in any problem-solving scenario, while maintaining an agile mindset to a business-oriented approach.

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  • Efficacy Metrics:

    • Customer Happiness
    • NPS
    • Pirate Metrics: AARRR
    • Data funnel
  • Tools:

    • Analytics
    • CrazyEgg
    • HotJar(Heatmap)
    • Optmizely
    • KISSmetrics


  • Internal satisfaction or climate or happiness metrics:

    • Happiness index
    • Employee Engagement Survey
    • Level of autonomy
    • Merit money


  • Efficacy Metrics:

    • Lead time
    • Frequency of delivery
    • Efficiency rate
    • WIP
  • Graphics:

    • CFD
    • Burn-up x Burn-Down


  • Quality metrics or technical quality metrics:

    • % of test coverage
    • Standardization
  • Tools:

    • Jenkins
    • Sonar


Knowledge21 is a global organization, present in the United States, Europe and Latin America,
focused on Digital Transformation of companies willing to embrace True Agile practices.

Our classes are dynamic, engaging and based on real scenarios. We do prefer group
discussions and creative thinking over the traditional slide-based lecture. We provide an
environment that facilitates the exchange of experiences between students and with the