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We deliver the true Agile experience

True Agile, with its values, principles, and practices makes the next leap in productivity possible. It requires a new mindset, and as a consequence a new set of skills and organizational design. It changes the way business decisions are made, focusing on real return on investment instead of the traditional approach we’ve been practicing for decades.

Agile Training

We offer public and in-company training classes
Our classes are dynamic, engaging and based on real scenarios. We do prefer group discussions and creative thinking over the traditional slide-based lecture. We provide an environment that facilitates the exchange of experience between students and with the trainer.


Always working in pairs, we act across the organization’s entire value chain with the Digital Transformation project. We promote true transformation so that companies can achieve distinction and relevance in the market. We provide different approaches adapted to your demand​.

Team Coaching

Executive Coaching

  • Executive Agile Coaching
  • Executive Agile Workshop

Coaching the Coaches

  • In-Company Coaching the Coaches
  • Remote Coaching the Coaches
  • Assessment for Remote Coaching the Coaches

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