We believe that for a True Agile Transformation to happen, it is necessary to work with 4 domains of Agility.

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Dynamic, interactive, fun and hands-on. Here you’ll learn how to improve collaboration in your team and deliver more value in less time.
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Always working in pairs, we act across the organization’s entire value chain with the Digital Transformation project. We promote true transformation so that companies can achieve distinction and relevance in the market.

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Our team is made up of Agile Coaches and certified Trainers with a vast market experience of adopting and practicing agile methods in different companies. Meet our team

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Timeline Retrospective

Hi folks! I’d like you introduce you to Barbara! I met Barbara at a client’s office acting as Scrum Master. She went through several great

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How to run a self-organized company

When Knowledge21 was born in February 2013, we were just four long-term Agile practitioners engaging in the common purpose of bringing True Agility to the


Knowledge21 is an active participant in local and global Agile communities, as speakers, sponsors and organizers of events such as Scrum Gathering RJ, Rh Ágil Summit, Agile Spain Conference, Agile Open Florida, among others.

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