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Flight Levels System Architecture


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Flight Levels

The Flight Levels Systems Architecture shows which systems (boards) are needed at which levels of an organization, how they are connected and how coordination can work well. This flow can be created for parts of a company or for the entire organization. Flight Items or Flight Routes show from which sources work comes, which destinations the work goes to in a company and how it gets there.

This makes responsibilities and dependencies clear – the best prerequisite for navigating the work more efficiently through the system. On the way to Flight Levels Flow, your organization will go through a change process. We will show you how to initiate this process (take-off) and with which tools you can advance it.


Business agility is not team sport, but corporate sport. From the strategic to the operational level, agile interactions are necessary.
Classes will be taught in English
  • The Difference Between Team Agility and Business Agility
  • What Flight Levels are and what the Flight Levels Flow is
  • Routes on which work moves through the company – Flight Items and Flight Routes
  • Agile interactions: Recognize, represent and manage dependencies
  • Which work is managed at which level?
  • How agility is scaled in the company regardless of the concrete methods applied
  • Take-off: Taking off correctly into the change process
  • Bridging the gap between strategy and operation
  • Strategy methods such as OKR in the context of flight levels
  • Mapping of different time horizons: Strategy/Initiatives -> Years, Initiatives/Epics -> Quarters, Stories/Tasks -> Weeks/Days
  • What the connection of (agile) islands/silos causes in the organization

Certification Details

All participants receive a Certificate of Completion from the Flight Levels Academy.


Klaus Leopold

Dr. Klaus Leopold, computer scientist, Kanban pioneer and developer of the Flight Levels Model, has many years of experience as a top management consultant with approximately 1000 workshop participants per year.

He advises companies worldwide on how to act agile on the market. Klaus is author of the bestseller “Rethinking Agile“ (, “Practical Kanban“ ( and co-author of the standard work “Kanban Change Leadership“. He speaks regularly at renowned conferences and was honored with the Brickell Key Award for “outstanding achievement and leadership” in San Francisco in 2014. He publishes his current thoughts and experiences in the world of Flight Levels and Management.


Marcos Garrido

More than two decades of experience in software development and product management and working full time with Agile Teams since 2008. As a guest MBA professor of the Business School at the Catholic University, I teach the Agile mindset mostly to C-Level students. I also teach Scrum, Lean Startup, Management 3.0 and Facilitation techniques around the globe.

I spoke in several events throughout the world, including 13 Scrum Gatherings (São Paulo, Munich, Orlando (2x), New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro (5x), Phoenix, Porto and Prague) and major Agile events worldwide. My main interest areas are product management and digital transformation.

As part of a small group of 15 people in the United States with both CEC (Certified Enterprise Coach) and CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) certifications, I’ve coached and taught classes in Europe, USA and Latin America, certifying more than 5000 students in over 250 classes.


Knowledge21 is a global organization, present in the United States, Europe, and Latin America, focused on Digital Transformation of companies willing to embrace True Agile practices.

Our growing team of Agile Coaches and Certified Trainers have an extensive worldwide experience with the adoption of an Agile mindset by Teams, middle management and C-level. We trained 17.000 professionals in 21 countries, delivering 20.000 hours of coaching only in 2018.

Some global clients

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