Certified Scrum Developer ® (CSD)

We deliver the true Agile experience

CSD + Continuous Delivery + Coding Dojos

In this training, the attendees learn how to use/implement advanced techniques such as Continuous Integration/Delivery, automated tests and how to develop using clean code techniques. The classes are highly interactive and each topic is problem-based using a Coding Dojo format. The main goal is to teach through experiments and exercises, allowing the students to retain the content and achieve better results in their projects.

Classes will be taught in English.

Certified Scrum Developer CSD Knowledge21 Training Badge


This brief email to share with you the pleasure of being now a certified scrum master, and also tell you again how much your program was inspiring and how it gave me lots of thoughts.
Thank you, and I look forward to meeting with you.

P. Simon-Granier - Dallas, TX

Thank you so much for the great training class.
I loved the experiences you shared, I am trying to use some of them in my personal and professional life.
Also, I have completed the CSM test and received the certification.

H. Sahota - New York City, NY

Thank you for a wonderful class. I took the exam on Saturday and passed 100 was my score!

Schenkel S. - New York City, NY

Thank you for the class! It was a last minute decision and I’m so glad I did. You managed to fulfill the scrum requirements but also impart such valuable business knowledge. I was able to pass the test with 100%. I will be forever grateful.
All the best to you and your company!

M. pan - New York City, NY


  • Certification Fee
  • 3-day CSD In-person Course
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages provided on both days of training
  • 2-year Membership to Scrum Alliance


  • Payment of your first two year dues for the Scrum Alliance
  • All slides and material used during the training
  • 24 SEUs from the Scrum Alliance.


Get twice the value – attend again for more depth or to get a different perspective

After the course, the CSD certification will be immediately issued only for the students who already have the CSM certification.

If the student doesn’t have the CSM certification, the CSD certification will be only issued after the CSM certification is acquired.


Knowledge21’s classes are dynamic, engaging and based on real examples. We do prefer group discussions and a lot of interactions over a slide-based lecture. We provide an environment for the exchange of experiences between the students and the trainer. The course is extremely hands-on, based on Coding Dojos.

Coding Dojo is a teaching practice in which all the attendees solve a task together. The theory is driven by the practice. The programming language may be either in C#, Java, PHP or Python, according to the interest of the class.

In class, the attendees do at least nine of the Coding Dojos listed below:

  • Introduction to unit tests and TDD
  • Continuous Integration using Jenkins

  • Mock Objects for unit tests

  • Configuring scenarios using databases to create functional and integration tests

  • Refactoring a database

  • Selenium – Tests for interface in web application

  • Tests in legacy code and ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development)

  • BDD – Behavior Driven Development

  • Configuring a Pipeline for Continuous Delivery

  • Applying a database change to your CD pipeline using Fabric

  • Configuring your servers to stay healthy and automated


  • Practices of Extreme Programming: Continuous Integration, Ten – minute build, Baby steps, TDD, Pair Programming, Continuous Delivery, Coverage Test
  • Dependency Injection, Mock Objects
  • Testing and Database: Scenarios and Versioning
  • Graphical User Interface Testing, Integration Testing, Software Performance Testing
  • Acceptance Testing and ATDD (Acceptance Test-Driven Development)
  • BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) and DSL (Domain-Specific Language) applied to BDD
  • Non-functional Testing , Stress Testing , Testing of your Production Environment
  • Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment
  • DevOps and DevOps Culture: Configuration Management, Infrastructure as Code, Application Lifecycle Management

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