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Want to increase your company’s productivity? Give time off!

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Working at K21 has one great advantage. We DON’T have 30 days vacation. In fact, if I want to take a vacation or a few days off, I just need to put the days I’ll be off in the agenda, and that’s that. Then I just don’t show up on those days. There’s no approval… Read more »

Wasting human intelligence

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This article is inspired by the TED talks “How too many rules at work keep you from getting things done”, by Yves Moriuex and “How to run a company with (almost) no rules”, by Ricardo Semler. Both videos made me reflect and observe organizations in the light of this brilliant provocation about wasting human intelligence. In… Read more »

What is STATIK? Tips on how to apply the Kanban method!

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Systems Thinking Approach to Introducing Kanban (or STATIK) is, according to David Anderson (the father of the Kanban method), the main approach for anyone wanting to adopt Kanban. Its application generally occurs in a group, involving all those taking part in the execution of the service for which the Kanban method is to be applied. The… Read more »

The world´s biggest Kanban conference trends – who to follow, what to read?

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The world´s biggest Kanban conference trends Knowlegdge21

Besides leading training with CFC at Lean Kanban North America 2018, I’m honored to spend those days alongside the world´s top Kanban personalities. Therefore, I decided to take a chance to share with you the list of some leading practices and streamlines from global Kanban community, as well as some currently most popular and recommended… Read more »

Five Fingers: A Facilitation Technique

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Five Fingers Have you ever been in a never-ending meeting, discussing things for hours or trying to reach a consensus? It’s stressful, isn’t it? I would like to show you a facilitation technique developed specifically for reaching consensus. But what does consensus mean? Contrary to what many people think, reaching a consensus doesn’t mean achieving… Read more »

How to Balance Short-, Medium- and Long-term Horizons

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My friend Paulo Caroli wrote in his blog about a project that K21 carried out for a large client. The service provided was inspired by McKinsey’s horizons nomenclature. McKinsey’s planning horizons: H1: Short-term horizon. This is the dedication to the business that currently pays your bills. H2: Medium-term horizon. Companies have to allocate part of… Read more »