The world´s biggest Kanban conference trends – who to follow, what to read?

Besides leading training with CFC at Lean Kanban North America 2018, I’m honored to spend those days alongside the world´s top Kanban personalities.

Knowledge21 at Lean Kanban Week North America 2018
Knowledge21 at Lean Kanban Week North America 2018

Therefore, I decided to take a chance to share with you the list of some leading practices and streamlines from global Kanban community, as well as some currently most popular and recommended book positions (bibliographical references).

Enjoy, as it´s an excellent guide!

Ah… I´ll post only their Twitter, as it´s usually the Twitter where all magic happens. You’re not using it? You´re missing out!

Take a look here:

David J. Anderson: basically a father of Kanban. He has more than one Twitter profiles. If you have doubts which one to follow, follow them all (@lki_dja, @f4p_dja)

Alexei Zheglov: the Russian who wrote “Fit For Purpose” book together with David (@az1)

Klaus Leopold: the author of “Practical Kanban” book (@klausleopold)

Teodora Bozheva: she wrote “Kanban Maturity Model” together with David (@tbozheva)

Dragos Dumitriu: this guy wrote together with David a Paper that gave birth to Kanban when they were working together in Microsoft (@thewaitlifter)

Patrick Steyaert: the author of “Essential Upstream Kanban” (@PatrickSteyaert)

Cole Knaflic: one of the LKNA18’s keynote speakers, the author of “Story With Data” (@storywithdata)

Susanne Bartel: currently one of those who teach new Kanban Trainers  (@SusanneBartel)

Andy Carmichael: he wrote “Essential Kanban Condensed” together with David (@andycarmich)

Troy Magennis: simulations and forecasting practices (@t_magennis)

Don Reinertsen: the author of famous “Product Development Flow” (@DReinertsen)

Dave Snowden: the creator of Cynefin (@snowded)


Now check out this list of really awesome books:


Did you miss an important personality or a book? Leave a comment!

If you want to stay tuned with what’s going on at Lean Kanban North America 2018, follow me on Twitter – I´m posting some scribbles from the talks there @luizphx

Brazilians at Lean Kanban Week North America 2018
Brazilians at Lean Kanban Week North America 2018

And if you still didn’t do our official Kanban Training with Lean Kanban University, it’s about time!

Have a great day, best regards from Lean Kanban North America 2018 in Seattle!



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