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Toxic Metrics: What can kill Agility in your team?

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In the article Metrics – How to measure your team’s agility we talked about why and how to measure a team using the four Domains of Agility. We used one of our favorite phrases, which is a warning: Metrics shape behavior. This is important because we have to be very careful with metrics which may… Read more »

Planning with a premature backlog? How about grooming?

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Knowledge21-Planning with a premature backlog? How about grooming?

In some teams starting to use Scrum, you often see the backlog grooming taking place during the planning, in other words, all the stories in the sprint are explained, understood, iterated, estimated and sliced during the ceremony. This can cause some problems. Long or shallow planning: Leaving the understanding of new stories to one single… Read more »

What is STATIK? Tips on how to apply the Kanban method!

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Systems Thinking Approach to Introducing Kanban (or STATIK) is, according to David Anderson (the father of the Kanban method), the main approach for anyone wanting to adopt Kanban. Its application generally occurs in a group, involving all those taking part in the execution of the service for which the Kanban method is to be applied. The… Read more »

Tips for a more productive Daily Scrum

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Knowledge21-Tips for a more productive Daily Scrum

We often see some dysfunctions which cause Scrum teams to have overly long, dense Daily meetings which a lack of focus. In 2017, Marcos Garrido wrote a post about the Myths and Facts of Daily Scrum, and that inspired me to write down a few tips about how to make the daily meetings more productive…. Read more »

Are we actually a team?

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When we talk about agile transformation and digital transformation, companies often form new teams or redefine existing ones. Not long after this change, questions such as “Are we actually a team?” often arise among one or more of the teams. In this article, we take a look at some of the reasons a group of… Read more »

Fixed Scope: The Illusion

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Knowledge21-Fixed Scope The Illussion

When was the last time your project finished within the timeline and cost? Did the Team do much overtime? Did it meet the entire scope of the project? In this article we’re going to look at the illusion of security we have on projects with a fixed scope and how to get out of this… Read more »

Transforming a task team into a product team

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Knowledge21-Transforming task team into product team

The PO starts the Planning and shows the team a list of stories he has prioritized in the product’s backlog. The first item is to create a screen where the user can enter his or her personal information.  The team asks about the mask and format for each field, whether the information needs to be… Read more »

Merit Money: a collaborative reward system

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Rewarding people without destroying their motivation has been one of the top management challenges in companies employing knowledge workers. Unfortunately, the reward systems used by these organizations incentivize recognition through imaginary performance rather than real merits, causing an extremely negative impact on employee motivation. Daniel Pink, one of the current greatest researchers on motivation, stresses… Read more »

Root Cause – retrospective solving problems of the team

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Observe the problem One day you wake up feeling unwell, your body feels hot. The thermometer shows 102F. In other words: you have a high fever. Without a second thought, you take an aspirin, the temperature goes down and you feel able to go to work. But when you get there, your body still aches… Read more »

Electrical Circuit Retrospective

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Let’s improve our work! How can we do that? Do an Electrical Circuit retrospective helps to brainstorm improvements. Preparation To begin with, draw an electrical circuit. It consists of: Light bulb: our ideas on how to improve our work (process, product, environment, etc.) Resistor: resistance (challenges, problems) to the ideas working Battery: actions that energize… Read more »

The world´s biggest Kanban conference trends – who to follow, what to read?

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The world´s biggest Kanban conference trends Knowlegdge21

Besides leading training with CFC at Lean Kanban North America 2018, I’m honored to spend those days alongside the world´s top Kanban personalities. Therefore, I decided to take a chance to share with you the list of some leading practices and streamlines from global Kanban community, as well as some currently most popular and recommended… Read more »

Product Owner: 9 Must-Read Books for your development

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9 must read books for Product Owner

Every day a lot of doubts arise about how to deepen our understanding of the challenges a Product Owner faces.  Speaking about this, we’ve selected a list of 9 books which every Product Owner should read. In fact, they help to better understand the role and responsibilities of a Product Owner. Lean Startup: the Lean Startup methodology… Read more »